Early Investigators Committee

Career Development Opportunity
August 2016

Trainee Position on the PeDRA Early Investigators Committee

The Pediatric Dermatology Research Alliance (PeDRA) was launched in 2012 to create a research network of clinician investigators working collaboratively on studies so that ultimately more treatment solutions are available for pediatric patients. Today, there are 41 active collaborative studies under the PeDRA umbrella. For more information on disease areas being studied, please visit: https://pedraresearch.org/research-areas.

PeDRA places a great emphasis on cultivating and training the next generations of pediatric dermatology researchers. With this framework in mind, the Early Investigator Committee (EIC) was formed. EIC advocates for and fosters PeDRA programs based on the needs of trainees and faculty at early stages of their research career. To this end, we have developed a mentorship program, have organized activities at PeDRA Annual Conference, and are seeking ways to collaborate with international researchers.

The PeDRA Early Investigators Committee (EIC) is seeking a trainee representative to join its group. The trainee representative would participate in all the Early Investigators Committee activities, have the opportunity to strategize with the group and propose programs specifically geared towards trainees.

This position offers a unique opportunity for incoming pediatric dermatology fellows who are looking to become more involved in pediatric dermatology research. Participating on the EIC enables direct interaction with PeDRA members, administration, and leadership.

Position Requirements:
Eligibility: All incoming pediatric dermatology fellows (dermatology residents accepted into pediatric dermatology fellowship) are eligible to apply
Duration: Trainee representative will continue in this position after completion of pediatric dermatology training for total duration of 3 years.

Responsibilities of EIC trainee representative:
1. Regularly attend meetings and participate in the work of the Early Investigators Committee.  Meetings occur approximately every 2-3 months.
2. Regularly participate in email discussion and other virtual meetings as appropriate to strategize on specific opportunities and challenges.
3. Identify and advocate for the needs of dermatology residents and pediatric dermatology fellows.
4. Collaborate with others on the EIC to develop PeDRA programming geared towards the needs of dermatology residents and pediatric dermatology fellows.

If you would like to apply, please click here for the application form:  This recruitment closes October 1, 2016.

Further questions? Please email Jennifer Huang, Chair, PeDRA Early Investigators Committee, or Sheila Rittenberg, PeDRA Executive Director.