PeDRA Study Policy and Application

Overview: PeDRA is committed to supporting high quality collaborative research in pediatric dermatology. The following policy will ensure that PeDRA studies are in line with the mission and vision of PeDRA and that ethical considerations are upheld. The following requirements have been put in place to qualify a project as a “PeDRA study” and carry that designation.

  1. Studies must have a minimum of three PeDRA members from three different institutions.
  2. Projects must have been discussed and approved by a PeDRA Working Group or one of its subgroups.
  3. The leaders of the PEDRA working group must approve the proposal after an assessment of the project’s feasibility and impact or importance.
  4. All studies will undergo final review by the Science Review Committee.

**Note: Not all research projects conducted by PeDRA members need to be designated as PeDRA studies. Some members may choose to conduct small research projects outside the scope of PeDRA, examples may include case series, projects done through prior collaborations, etc.

Process to be designated as a PeDRA study:

  1. Studies that were initiated at one of the two initial PeDRA Annual Conferences must submit the study application form for expedited review and approval.
  2. Complete the PeDRA Study Approval Form and submit it via the online application.
  3. Study approval forms will be reviewed and approved by the PeDRA Working Group leaders.
  4. The study forms will be forwarded to the Science Review Committee for final approval.

All PeDRA studies will be tracked and updated annually through the website.