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With the goal of addressing the unmet needs of children affected by diseases of the skin, PeDRA has grown into a network of committed early career investigators, junior faculty researchers, and dedicated professional mentors working in this dynamic specialty. PeDRA is supported by more than 200 accomplished members with a significant interest in pediatric dermatology such as physicians, scientists, nurses, physician assistants, and research associates. Patient advocacy organizations engage with PeDRA, helping us define a research agenda that will improve care and quality of life for children impacted by skin disorders. We join together with investigators, our members, and advocacy groups to shape programs, policies, and research priorities that will over time change the face of pediatric dermatology.

Partnership opportunities
The Pediatric Dermatology Research Alliance (PeDRA) is a novel and innovative organization advancing scientific investigations in pediatric dermatology. There is no other organization that specifically aims to accelerate research in pediatric skin diseases. Our team understands that finding solutions for children with special health care needs requires collaboration and partnership among clinicians, institutions, patients, families, and their advocates. To strengthen these efforts, PeDRA invests in training and education for early and mid-career professionals, provides funding for research studies, and promotes the sharing and use of data in the search for answers to pediatric dermatology issues.
For information on becoming a PeDRA partner, please contact Sheila Rittenberg, PeDRA Executive Director.

PeDRA Annual Conference
Early on, PeDRA leaders established the PeDRA Annual Conference, which has been integral to our success. The conference provides the platform for educating investigators, identifying and prioritizing clinical, therapeutic, and translational needs and opportunities, and forming innovative research projects. It is partially funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and further supported by industry and patient advocacy organizations.
For information on becoming a sponsor of the PeDRA Annual Conference, please contact Sheila Rittenberg, PeDRA Executive Director.


PeDRA funders
PeDRA owes a debt of thanks to the many individuals, advocacy organizations, and pharmaceutical/ biomedical companies that support PeDRA. They have provided invaluable foundational funding, enabling the growth and expansion of the organization.
PeDRA graciously thanks and acknowledges the Society for Pediatric Dermatology (SPD) for its unwavering support of research. The Society’s commitment to launching PeDRA as an entity dedicated to research is the reason we are now seeing important research projects coming to fruition.


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