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    Psoriasis Investigator Group Updates
    New Project Ideas:
    1. Pediatric Psoriasis Comorbidity Screening Platform: Wynnis Tom (UCSD) and Emily Osier (UCSD), Study Leads.
    2. TNF-Induced Psoriasis: Megha Tollefson (Mayo Rochester) and Amy Paller (NW), Study Leads. Retrospective review of cases- more to follow, will be open to new sites.
    3. Longitudinal Guttate Psoriasis Study: Amy Paller (NW), Study Lead, is working with Janssen on the concept and ideal way to roll out study. More to follow.
    4. Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris: Martin Theiler (Switzerland), Lacey Kruse (NW), Amy Paller (NW) and Kelly Cordoro (UCSF). Retrospective case review to assess the utility of the current Griffiths Classification System. Will be open to new sites.
    5. Innovation Analysis and Study- are there better ways to do biopsies of kids with inflammatory diseases? For discussion.
    6. Prospective Study of Pustular Psoriasis: genotyping, biobanking and clinical analysis. (Kelly Cordoro, UCSF). For discussion.
    Current Projects in Various Phases of Progress:
    1. Psoriasis Systemic Therapy Retrospective Study: Amy Paller, NW, Lead Investigator. Several sites are in the data collection phase, which closed in August. Data finalization is in process, updates at PeDRA.
    2. Prospective Psoriasis Systemic Therapy Comparative Efficacy Study and Registry: Amy Paller (NW) and Marieke Seyger (Netherlands) continue to work on the logistics of these projects.
    3. CAPP (Clinical Approaches to Pediatric Psoriasis) Survey Study: Kelly Cordoro, UCSF, Lead Investigator. Acronym change due to use of MAPP in adult psoriasis publications. The methodology has been modified to a 2-Phase Study. Phase 1 complete, Phase 2 to be deployed soon. Watch your mailboxes for this important survey.
    4. CSI: Pediatric Psoriasis Comorbidities Screening Initiative: Emily Osier, Wynnis Tom, Larry Eichenfield (UCSD), Lead Investigators. Manuscript and next phase of this work funded by PeDRA and in progress.

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