2016 Conference – Expert Consultation and Small Group Sessions

The meeting committee is pleased to offer the opportunity for 1:1 expert consultation and small group discussion based on previous feedback. These sessions will be held Saturday, November 5, 2016.

On registration, you will be asked to rank up to four (4) topics of interest (1=most interest) and the times that you/your study group could attend (see Conference Agenda). This information will be utilized by the committee to determine the final agenda.

Expert Consultation Sessions: Please note that these are by appointment only and a study synopsis will be required to be submitted in advance of the conference. Only one person (the study lead) should request consultation on behalf of the group, if multiple study investigators plan to attend.

1.Statistics Consultation – Meet with an expert to address statistical questions specific to projects.
2.Study Design Consultation – Meet with an expert to address study design questions specific to projects.
3.Project Development/Management – Opportunity to discuss management of specific studies with an expert. Tools and handouts regarding the phases of project development/management (Define, Plan, Execute, Closure) are available here.
4.Defining Outcomes for Studies – Session on investigator-defined and patient-centered outcomes. An informational session and the opportunity for 1:1 meetings to discuss outcomes for a particular study are available.

Small Group Sessions:
1. Early Investigators Forum (For trainees and junior faculty) –
“What is a Good Research Question?” – Session focused on honing participants’ study ideas into informative and feasible study questions. Submission of potential research ideas/questions in advance of the conference is encouraged to facilitate discussion.
“The First 5 years of My Career” – Panel discussion led by mid-career and senior investigators regarding their challenges and accomplishments during the first 5 years of their careers. Submission of questions for panelists in advance of the conference is encouraged to facilitate discussion.

2. Investigational New Drug (IND) Applications – Roundtable discussion of the process, tips, and pitfalls in obtaining approval of a drug for a new indication.
3. Research Fundraising – Information and roundtable discussion of avenues for research fundraising, including small grants and working with advocacy.
4. Conducting Industry-Sponsored Studies and Clinical Trials – Opportunities to learn about conducting clinical trials and to discuss ideas with industry scientific leaders.