Current Studies

By creating a collaborative network of researchers, PeDRA multiplies the power of individual scientists and enables them to together tackle important questions and gaps in knowledge and therapeutics for pediatric skin diseases. Multicenter studies that are underway are listed below, with multiple other studies in planning phases. We welcome additional investigators and input!

The Burden of Pediatric Skin Disease — the “Big Study”

PeDRA is launching a cross-disease study to address the role of stigma in pediatric skin disorders – and how it relates to anxiety, depression, and social functioning of children with these diseases. Amy Paller and Sarah Chamlin of Northwestern University are the co-PIs. We are recruiting 3500 parent/child combinations in US and Canada. Click here to learn more, and to participate as a site in this innovative and important project.


  • Multicenter Phenotype-Genotype analysis of Vascular Overgrowth Syndromes.  **No longer accepting additional study sites**
    – Contact: Clinical Research Assistant – Katherine Mueller, Phone: 414-955-2846.
  • Multicenter Retrospective Review of Beta Blocker Use in Young, Small, and Pre-term Infants for Infantile Hemangioma. – Contact: Wendy Kim, DO, Phone: 708-897-5608.


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Genetic Skin Disorders

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Inflammatory Skin Diseases

  • Prospective, observational study of the 4 major systemic agents available for severe atopic dermatitis.  – Contact: Wynnis Tom, MD
  • Morphea clinical registry and biobank. – Contact: Yvonne Chiu, MD
  • A retrospective review of squaric acid for alopecia areata. – Contact: Nanette Silverberg, MD
  • Characterizing Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris: A Retrospective Chart Review of Clinical Features and Patient Outcomes. – Contact: Lacey Kruse MD

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Neonatal Skin

Our multicenter study with IRB approval underway is listed below, with other studies in planning phases. The Neonatal Skin Study Group continues to grow and welcomes new research ideas and collaborations!

  • Current practices for the evaluation of pustulosis in afebrile neonates. – Contact: Christine Lauren, MD

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Skin Tumors and Reactions to Cancer Therapies (STARC)

Our multicenter study with IRB approval underway is listed below, with other studies in planning phases. The STARC Study Group welcomes new members and project proposals.

  • Retrospective evaluation of pediatric cutaneous mastocytosis. – Contact: Leslie Lawley, MD
  • Basal Cell Carcinoma Nevus Syndrome (BCCNS) Clinical Registry. – Contact: Joyce Teng, MD, PhD

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