Upcoming Conference

We look forward to the Second Annual Conference, planned for November 7-9, 2014, at the Westin O’Hare Hotel in Chicago, IL.


Important Meeting Information:

More than 100 clinicians, researchers, government leaders and patient advocacy representatives will gather to discuss study ideas, hear updates on collaborative projects already launched, and learn about best practices in multicenter research and clinical study design.

Join the conference and take part in the design and initiation of important studies that will advance the science of pediatric dermatology and ultimately, help our young patients. Please note: PeDRA has obtained funding to offset the cost of this conference and will subsidize a limited number of registrants. To be considered for financial support, please register early!

To support the collaborative goals of PeDRA, all participants attending the Annual Conference are being asked to submit a brief abstract for a current research project, a new pilot project, or a longer range/visionary proposal. This submission is strongly encouraged. Active participation is necessary for a productive meeting! Attendees are encouraged to collaborate with others in formulating their proposals.