Skin Tumors and Reactions to Cancer Therapies (STARC)

Research Goals

1. Refine our understanding of the clinical presentation, histopathology, and management of primary skin tumors in children.
2. Generate longitudinal data on the natural history and outcomes of potential precursors of skin malignancy in children.
3. Define and address unmet needs in cutaneous complications from oncologic conditions and therapies in children.

Background/Historical Perspective

While cutaneous malignancies are rare in children, early detection and treatment can be critical to outcome. However, there is a lack of data on the diagnosis and management of cutaneous malignancies and its precursors due to the small numbers of cases seen at a single institution. Unmet needs include defining the clinical spectrum of presentation, histopathologic features, prognostic factors, outcome, and therapeutic options of many of these conditions. Likewise, cutaneous complications from oncologic therapies represent an understudied area of research investigation in pediatric dermatology. Complications include cutaneous effects of chemotherapeutic drugs, graft-vs-host disease, and long term effects of cancer therapy. Collaborative multicenter efforts are essential in advancing our understanding of these conditions in children. We welcome investigators of all levels of experiences to join us.

Collaborative Research

Please contact Jennifer Huang MD , Carrie Coughlin MD , or Larry Eichenfield MD  for more information.