How to Get Involved

How can patients and their families connect with PeDRA?

    • Ask your dermatologist if s/he is involved in PeDRA, and ask for help finding research studies that may be helpful for your child, relative or friend.
    • PeDRA’s Stigma, Anxiety and Depression in Children and Adolescents with Skin Disorders – The “Big Study” is our first to cross all PeDRA study areas. The research will assess anxiety, depression, and social functional issues in addition to stigma in children with skin diseases. This study will help us explain the burden of skin disease on children and families and the need for both support services for kids and better insurance coverage for diseases routinely called “cosmetic.” To get involved:

• Share your story! How is your child affected by his or her skin disease? For example, has s/he stopped playing sports, going on sleepovers, or doing well in school? Send in a paragraph with your story to Jennifer Dawson

• Donate to support this important project! Contact Sheila Rittenberg

    • Donate to support PeDRA’s mission and research:

• Learn more about PeDRA and why it is important 

• Click to Donate Now. On that page, under TYPE, select PeDRA.