PeDRA Grants

PeDRA is announcing its 1st round of small grant competition. The funding is aimed at supporting collaborative research that stem from the already established disease specific groups and in keeping with PeDRA’s mission to promote and facilitate high quality collaborative clinical, translational, educational, and basic science research in pediatric dermatology.

Funding amount: Up to $5000 USD/per project
Number of grants: 4

Application Process

  1. Application Submission Deadline: May 15, 2015, 5:00pm EST
  2. Application Package:
    1. Application form (download here)
    2. Detailed budget and justification
    3. Biosketch NIH format for PI and Co-PIs (old or new formats accepted)
    4. Letters of support from co-investigators and collaborators
    5. Appendices
  3. All documents should be submitted to (late submissions are not accepted)

Criteria for evaluation

  • Research proposal is scientifically and ethically sound
  • Research can be completed within 1 year from the funding date
  • Research proposal is collaborative in nature and meets the objectives of a disease specific group. If submitting PI is not part of one of the disease specific groups, please attach a letter of support from the leaders of that particular disease specific group


  • Grant money cannot be used for:
    • investigators’ salary support
    • travel reimbursement
    • indirect costs

Inquiries about application process

Dr. Elena Pope,