Conference Abstract Submission

Submission Deadline:  August 20, 2018

This year’s conference will provide ample opportunities to present research updates or new pilot project ideas.

All meeting participants are strongly encouraged to submit an abstract about an ongoing or a proposed collaborative research project. Abstracts should be submitted by PeDRA Active Members or residents/fellows/junior faculty/research associates in collaboration with Active Members.

The PeDRA Conference Planning Committee will review all proposals and will select specific abstracts of ongoing or completed research to be presented during a conference session.  An emphasis will be placed on projects with preliminary or final data and that demonstrate effective collaborative work.

All abstracts will be presented during the scientific poster session and will be on view for the entire meeting. The poster session is a valuable opportunity to share new , ongoing or completed projects, solicit feedback, and attract collaborators. In addition, abstracts for new projects will be discussed during the workgroup breakout sessions.

All abstracts will be included in the printed Conference Program distributed to all attendees at the conference.

The abstract submission process will begin in early 2018. Check back for updates.

Important Reminders

  • Read all Abstract Guidelines below before submitting your abstract.
  • Abstract submission are due on August 20, 2018
  • One attendee may submit for the entire group of a collaborative abstract, listing all authors.
  • Authors will be notified of their approval/selection by September 28, 2018


Submission Deadline:  August 20, 2018

General Instructions

  • Established workgroups are encouraged to submit abstracts for ongoing or completed PeDRA projects.  These abstracts will be presented during the scientific poster session, and considered for oral presentation during the plenary session.
  • New project ideas are also strongly encouraged. These abstracts will be presented during the scientific poster session and discussed in the disease breakout group sessions.
  • All abstracts will be included in the printed Conference Program which will be distributed to all attendies at the conference.
  • One attendee may submit an abstract for the entire collaborative group, listing all investigators.
  • Abstract content for the conference program should be 1 page, inclusive of title, investigators, Institutions and references, if desired.

Abstract Content Requirements:

Ongoing/Completed PeDRA Project:

  1. Project title
  2. Investigators (complete name, credentials, and institution)
  3. Aims
  4. Methods
  5. Funding resources
  6. Data management
  7. Whether it is open or closed to new participants
  8. Please include any preliminary results, if available

Ongoing or completed PeDRA projects will be presented during the Friday poster session. You are responsible for your own poster.  All abstracts will be included in the conference booklet.

New Projects:
A project that could be reasonably undertaken by PeDRA members in the next year or two.

  1. Proposal title
  2. Potential investigators (complete name, credentials, institution)
  3. Background/Rationale for study
  4. Aims/Objectives
  5. Methods
  6. Expected outcomes
  7. Resources required to complete the study available at your institution
  8. How many centers would be required
  9. Timeframe estimate
  10. Estimated costs/budget for project

If a long range project, or visionary proposal is being proposed to stimulate thought and discussion, then please provide a statement about the significance of the proposal, why PeDRA is essential to its success, what resources would be required to develop this concept and describe the first steps to undertake in advancing these ideas.  These could include areas with lack of effective treatments or need for clinical care guidelines.